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Launched in 2006, knowmax is one of the subsidiaries of Kochartech. It is a knowledge management system, intended to incorporate and organize information, eliminating data storehouses spread crosswise over departments and units of an enterprise. A centralized data repository for information management where content can be made, overseen, and redistributed through search tools and comparative highlights, making it simpler for users to discover and curate answers briskly.

Knowmax assist in simply structuring organizational data and knowledge for the individuals to handle quries appropriately. This KM platform makes it easy for customer service reps to find the relevant information while dealing with clients. When support agents get predictive search based assistance through knowmax, they get able to provide seamless customer experience.

Driving the vision of digital platform in customer service, Knowmax serves as a self-service channel. In practice, it is empowering customer resolution journey by delivering quick, appropriate, and consistent responses in the precise moments. Focusing entirely on operational expenditure and time management, knowmax solution enable smooth running of business initiatives. Tools that make knowmax a sure shot customer service product are :


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