AI Chatbots: Meeting Customer Expectations like never before

Posted On: July 29, 2019


How are you currently communicating with your customers while marking satisfactory results on the industry report card? If calls, emails, or that inquiry form on your website are the only means for your customers to reach you, then you need to match yourself with the present scenario to make some advancements in your resolution delivery strategies.

Today, people are seeking information on the go. When customers need assistance, they utilize that help button or service, not minding which time of day it is. Having support agents available 24/7 is a key for organizations to unlock CX doors. So, how can that uninterrupted assistance be achieved today in times of massive technological changes?

Round the clock service 

Digital transformation is encouraging multiple industries to adopt AI & ML based techniques to keep themselves upgraded. As technology like artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming businesses way of working on a superior level, AI chatbots are also comforting businesses in terms of customer service or support.

Its obvious that unlike live agents, AI virtual assistants don’t need coffee or lunch breaks that may impact and lengthen customer service for hours. Beyond cost savings benefits, chatbots can be leveraged as a business continuity strategy for customer support centers. The utilization of chatbots in customer service industry is expanding.

A research indicates that 85% of all customer interactions will be handled without a human agent by 2020.

Real-time responses

Chatbots today should not be mingled with chatbots of the past. Because AI is integrated, the technology is more advanced now and CX is more likely to be enhanced. Thanks to improved artificial intelligence & machine learning (ML) capabilities, chatbots are instrumental for streamlining customer service operations.

report by Chatbots Magazine states that businesses can reduce customer service costs by up to 30% by implementing interactive solutions like virtual assistants or chatbots.

Providing an immediate and appropriate response is definitely valuable. With chatbots providing information to the customer about issues ahead of time, agents will have all the required data they need to resolve the issue efficiently. Another benefit is that the agent can answer in real-time without having to wait around as they enquire through a different channel like email.

C-Sat improvement 

Technology like AI reduces response time. It initiates resolution delivery more effectively and quickly. The instances where human-to-human interaction is necessary, the data gathered by AI assistants can route customers more effectively to the suitable representative for better understanding of query. Chatbots can help in speeding up the response time and answer up to 80% of routine questions which is clearly a successful route to customer satisfaction. Predefined responses and real-time engagement help agents to reach milestone in CX pathway.

 Any time of day it is, a customer through chatbots can get assistance in routine Tier 1 query like address changes, login or payment issues, and other frequently asked questions. But, how does a bot understand and can make itself capable to dig deep in customer queries? A knowledgebase system is an answer.

Training with knowledge base 

Knowledge management system can enable AI supporting tools and build content as per business requirements, through which bot functions. Also with natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, a knowledge base helps bot understanding intents, sentiments, certain phrases or queries in native language that streamline the communication. Canned responses with well-curated content are a great support system to bot for effortless communication.

The Knowledge management platform enabled Knowmax helps to achieve customer satisfaction goals and delivers efficiency and productivity in customer support including:

– Human-like conversations with customers

– Receptive interfaces for seamless communication

– Level 1 effective support

– NLP curated content

Chatbots undoubtedly seems to be more efficient in customer queries. However, AI can help in understanding the limitations of a chatbot for what they can and cannot do! Contact us to get AI assistance in chatbots.

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