5 Ways Artificial intelligence is benefiting customer experience

Posted On: July 25, 2019


Many business firms are becoming aware of the fact that Artificial Intelligence is taking over multiple industries and observing what the potential of AI can do. But, some are still unaware of the fact that AI is not limited to only enabling bots in customer services. Its implementation across the customer journey is what makes businesses calculative in customer experience initiatives. However, in customer service, AI is already helping humans work better with effective and less complex resolution delivery through bots. At the same time, AI can empower humans to work in a quick and collaborative environment while enhancing self-service channel opportunities. Knowing where the challenges lie, emerging technologies like AI can have the biggest impact in the near future, predicts  Gartner, and also proves to be beneficial in customer experience.

For those looking to be proficient in providing AI-based customer experiences, here are five ways it can be leveraged right now:

AI caters quick customer service

The chance to leverage AI can be extremely helpful in automating many tasks that customer service teams do all day, like categorizing tickets by topics, proactively training agents with knowledge that they need to reply to specific support issues. Growing demand for effective and engaging customer support makes AI-powered assistance essential. Customers expect support services to be available anytime, anywhere, across preferred multiple channels.

A study says that by 2021, 15% of all customer service interactions will be completely handled by AI. 

The value of good service is exponential, creating remarkable customer experiences, in turn, facilitating revenue. Customer service is driven by humans, and not machines so let AI empower the humans for they can spend more time doing this work and less time doing redundant tasks. When support reps get assistance proactively through knowledge base driven by AI and implemented in well-organized categories, they don’t have to take longer time searching relevant answers and customers don’t have to wait much.

Knowledge Stays Accurate: Thanks to AI

With an approach like artificial intelligence, a knowledge base can help improving content relevancy and initiate effective content management. In organizing content or information for today’s complex products and services, curating help center with agile and credible content management can be surprisingly difficult, but support teams can lean on AI to make that process run smoothly.

Improved Work Efficiency

AI can assist a knowledge base in disseminating information among different teams and in different departments instantly. Support agents don’t have to pass customers from department to department when a question is out of their reach or they are not able to recognize what type of issue the customer is facing. After all, customers have nothing to do with the department they’re speaking to, they just know that they have connected to your company and need an answer for their query.

Training a newbie becomes simpler

Providing specific learning techniques to a newcomer in an organization and training them to adapt the knowledge about delivering an answer to a particular question, takes longer time and manpower. On the flip side, knowledge base augmented with AI comes to the rescue as there is no need to search the bulk of information because it enables findability of relevant knowledge as per the context of an ongoing conversation.

AI enables reports & analytics

AI helps customer support agent in reporting their managers about the type of queries they receive, at month-end. Enterprises can leverage this feature to understand customers pain points and keep answers ready for future. Analytics can give an image about which knowledge management component helped agent resolve most of customer queries and how customer experience is whether improved or not with that approach. So, AI here is simplifying reporting complexity by visualizing agent activity as in graphs or table.

Over to you

It’s vital to look at aspects of how AI tools can help humans to be quick and productive at their jobs when it is majorly related to customers. Get in touch with us to enable knowledge base software backed with AI keeping up with ever-expanding customer demands, help agents increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the customer experience.

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