Digital Customer Engagement in E-commerce through Knowledge Management

Posted On: July 23, 2019


Gartner predicts that by 2019, more than 50% of organizations will redirect their investments to customer experience innovations.

The E-Commerce industry deals with trading of products via the internet. Since this industry deals with various customers, businesses must prioritize customer queries and grievances in addition to providing prompt resolutions according to their convenient touch points like voice, email, web, live-chat, app & social media. This results in improved customer experience because requests are catered appropriately.  Apart from providing solutions to queries, proper management & administration of customer interaction increases the sales as customers will pay more for a guaranteed good experience.

Knowledge Management & Customer Experience

The appropriate management & administration of customer interaction is where knowledge management plays a crucial role. Use of Knowledge management in the e-commerce industry, implementing digital transformation generates revenue by efficient and effective operations and enhances customer experience. Besides providing picture guides and decision trees knowledge management also enables one-page articles and FAQ’s as its solutions and tools. The catalogs for e-commerce portals are stored in the knowledge management software so that it can be referred immediately.

According to Walker, the implementation of Knowledge management tools builds customer loyalty and trust, as the customers expect websites as well as the apps to be optimized for a personalized experience.  Tempkin Group found that 86% of those who had a great experience were more likely to repurchase from the same company and also suggest it to their friends and relatives. Effective implementation of AI-based chatbots on an extensive scale for customized solutions to grievances can help reserve human efforts and time. Overall the implementation of knowledge management in the e-commerce industry simplifies operations.

Let’s now see the leverage of knowledge management in the findability of a product on an e-commerce website.

Interactive Decision Trees

Step 1: Select your category

Interactive Decision Trees

Step 2: Select your choice

Interactive Decision Trees

Step 3: Select the type

Interactive Decision Trees

Step 4: Shop for your product

Interactive Decision Trees

Front-end Appearance


Interactive Decision Trees


Interactive Decision Trees


Interactive Decision Trees


Interactive Decision Trees

A Knowledge Management System for an e-commerce business means seamless customer interactions and simplified order management. With usable information just clicks away, CX teams are empowered to maintain consistency in customer engagements. Reduction in average handle time of each call, along with increased resolutions, will enable a business to optimize operational costs, and identify business opportunities to increase revenue streams.

KnowMax, a unified Knowledge Management System, is an enabler of digital transformation that helps enterprises achieve their CX goals. Powered by a robust content management system, along with interactive decision trees and picture guides, businesses can employ KnowMax at their assisted and self-help channels. To know more, contact us.

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