HR Management System: Simplifying Employee on-Boarding

Posted On: July 30, 2019


40% of new hires say getting a response from HR about their question takes too long.


An efficient and effective way to excel today is through digital adoption and advanced automation. Companies are targeting a unified cloud-based system to facilitate their operations by providing a single platform that can be accessed by employees anytime, anywhere. All relevant information can be stored, administered and upgraded as per the requirements without hampering key operations of the firm and this leads to improved productivity and smooth functioning of the organization.

Instead of relying on manual procedures, knowledge base assists in internal processes such as employee onboarding, training needs analysis (TNA), payroll management. The queries related to these aspects are being addressed through picture guides, decision trees & FAQs. By adoption of a knowledge base, companies can switch to an operative setup. Let’s see how.

Systemized Management of Data

From hiring & compensation to training, the HR department has all the confidential information and integral policies of an organization. Acquiring a knowledge base becomes essential to encrypt, administer and manage this information. This, thereby, facilitates the departmental operations by providing access to information and updating it as and when required.

Security and Hassel- free operations

Being centralized and controllable, a knowledge base enables the security of information stored in the cloud. This feature speeds-up operations by providing instant availability of the stored information while maintaining its confidentiality. All the data utilized or accessed is monitored.

Efficient Training

The prominent role of HR apart from an enrollment of an employee is also training them. The key assets of an organization are the skills and performance of its workforce. Be it an experienced employee or a fresher, every work environment and functions are different from one another. Different employees are hired for different purposes and require special training according to their profile. To ensure that the person can easily adapt to everyday processes, knowledge base plays a pivotal role. In case an employee misses training, they can revert to the database to gain the skill for which the training was organized. An effective knowledge base ensures that both trainer and trainees get rid of the unnecessary hectic process of training sessions, promoting internal harmony and minimizes the possibility of errors.

Encountering Queries & Payroll processing

A knowledgebase acts as an answer booklet to all the queries that any employee might face. It helps you store all query resolutions in the form of FAQs, Decision trees and Picture guides. Besides being user-friendly, it also enables a quick resolution to any issue related to leaves, payroll, incentives, etc. With a knowledge base, ticket raised for all such problems, are being minimized.

Knowmax as HR Management System

Knowmax is basically a digital adoption and knowledge management software that enables faster resolutions for all common employee queries. Knowmax, backed with Artificial Intelligence, makes resolution representation in the form of FAQs, Pictorial Guides and Workflows. The knowledge base is not only HR software but also a Self-service platform for employees if deployed on an intranet. Contact us to enable HR Knowledgebase in your organization.

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