Digitalize the knowledge driven strategy in telcos

Posted On: July 24, 2019


Today, the only sustainable competitive advantage is knowledge and engagement with customers ~ Forrester

It’s true that knowledge has always been a source to survive and is improving communication in the long run. Today, information-oriented companies are majorly focused on capturing and nourishing employee’s knowledge of consumer behavior, as it creates an opportunity for the company along with its employees to grow exponentially.

The rapid emergence of AI, ML & Big Data is constantly pushing major industries to adapt and evolve through digital transformation. Digital adoption platforms are working as a catalyst behind the evolution of new-age businesses. Small to large-scaled enterprises for continuously changing customer demands have started leveraging the support of cloud-based omnichannel infrastructure.

SaaS  on the front

As tech is evolving on a high-speed, cloud is working as a catalyst in the era of digital transformation.  Cloud technology is emerging quickly with digital transformation as many of the enterprises have started deploying it across business and communication strategies.

As per a report was given by Forbes indicates that  83% Of enterprise workloads will be in the Cloud by 2020. Means firms from now on can rely on cloud services for faster and smooth-running of information management.

5G collaboration

What’s trending in the telecom industry and is rapidly capturing the attention of innovators? The rise of the 5G network. Not only the communication will become seamless but enterprises, as they are being tech-ready will definitely benefit from its emergence. Let’s take a look at how it is going to take telecom experience to the next level –

According to a recent article published by Express Computer, “Twelve percent of operators expect to roll out 5G services in 2019, and an additional 86 percent expect to be delivering 5G services by 2021.”

When network connectivity like this works swiftly, cloud services can undoubtedly transform the workload handled by back-up tapes and disks to store and maintain bulk of information.

Boosting telco experience 

Service providers need to innovate their services in order to keep up with continuously changing network environment. The solution for telcos is to improve their ability in revenue-generating agile services, customer satisfaction tactics along with modifying their traditional network architectures for business efficiency.  So modern infrastructure like cloud technology in the era of digital is an effective approach for telcos adopting new techniques.

Businesses reaping – Multiple benefits with knowledge base solution 

The telecommunication industry is one of the biggest industries in the world to have taken advantage of Knowledge Management (KM). While organizations employ KM to gain a competitive edge, it also requires a study on critical factors for successful implementation.

CX Bonus 

Customer experience is seen as a crucial factor for driving business. Better the experience with customers, more the benefits. When it comes to customer experience, 57% of survey respondents report that improving customer support is a top driver of investment in cloud solutions. A cloud-based solution like knowledge management makes services easily accessible and experience more personalized.

 Business Agility

Knowledge management is one of the finest tools for a telecom employee to maneuver a difficult problem, but its success also depends on the employee’s ability to understand the software. With proper induction and training, an employee can be trained to successfully answer all queries and ensure customer satisfaction to help retain the brand’s image.

 Manage knowledge repository

Knowledge management works as a digital library for business solutions and helps to solve repetitive problems. This, in turn, enhances productivity and saves the effort required to find information for resolutions of queries.

Everything considered, businesses implementing cloud computing and digital transformation report enormous growth and improved efficiency. It enables them to thrive vigorously in a dynamic ecosystem.

At Knowmax, we utilize our AI-backed solutions to the maximum level for implementing interactive sources across customer support channels. With omnichannel efficiency and advanced configuration set-up, we are one of the largest tech enablers of the telecom industry. Get in touch with us to deal with the obstacles in technological competencies and boost business productivity.

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